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How to apply your Photologo in PHOTOSHOP

Are you passionate about photography, you already purchased a Photologo but don’t know how to apply it to your pictures? Don’t worry, we developed Photopolish, the best watermarking companion for all photographers. But if you still don’t have it and you have instead Photoshop installed on your computer, don’t get intimidated by its complex interface of this software. We will tell you the best way to apply your signature Photologo into your digital photos to protect them against any kind of unauthorized use and start building your personal brand.

Even though Photoshop is not built for this purpose, you can still manually insert your watermark into each image, using the tools you usually use to insert photos and texts within the images you work in Photoshop (SPOILER: with Photopolish you’ll have the ability to watermark many pictures “in bulk”).


First of all, launch Photoshop and drag and drop the image you want to sign into the dashboard. As an alternative, your can click on File>Open in the main menu and open the image.

In order to insert your Photologo there are two alternative ways:

1) you open the image with the signature in Photoshop (File menu> Open), press the keyboard combination Ctrl + A to select it, copy it, paste it into the image to be signed;

2) you open the folder where your Photologo is saved and just drag and drop it on the image to be signed in Photoshop.

We suggest to use a white Photologo on darker images but the good news is that you receive different versions of your Photologo after your order! To be more specific, Photologo is delivered in the following formats and types:

– PNG format

– Transparent background, ready to be applied

– Black and White color

– High and Low resolution of both colors

Just pick the one that fits the most.

Now, adapt it to the context in which to insert it.

If you want to resize it  go on the Photoshop menu and click Edit>Transform>Scale (don’t forget to press and hold the Shift button while dragging a corner of the png Photologo, to keep the correct aspect ratio), adjust the position, and also regulate the opacity. To do that, select the correct layer and slide the opacity bar in the levels box to make your signature semi-transparent.

The following video quickly shows you how to apply your Photologo in Photoshop, as explained above.

You masterpiece is now ready to be saved.